Current Herdsires

Springfield-Oaks SSEM Linus
twin to Laura 2-02 86(+EEE)
DOB: 03-07-19
**DNA on file**

Sire: *B Spinning Spider EH Easy Money 1-06 VG86
SS: *B Tempo Passa Etain
SD: SGCH Spinning Spider EL Heat Wave 5-04 92(EEEE) PTI: 204, 233

Dam: GCH Springfield-Oaks Comet Faith 19*M EX91
DS: *B Springfield-Oaks B Comet 6-05 92(EEE)
DD: Springfield-Oaks RCP Beatrice 18*M 3-03 89(E+EE)



Linus' first milking daughter, Melba, is very correct and productive.

Daughter: Springfield-Oaks L Melba

                                 Yearling                                                                           Two Year Old                                     
Springfield-Oaks Comet Milton
DOB: 03-11-20
Alpha S1 Casein tested F/F

Sire: +*B Springfield-Oaks B Comet EX92
SS: +*B Springfield Oaks Doc's Braeburn 0-03 Ec(EcEcV)
SD: SGCH Springfield Oaks D Catwoman 13*M 4-02 92(EEEE)

Dam: SGCH Springfield-Oaks CG Fortune 14*M 4-05  91(EEEE)
DS: +B Cappy's Giuliano 3-02 90 (VEE)
DD: GCH Springfield-Oaks Cortez Dawn 13*M 5-06 91 (EEEE)


Milton is a powerful, very correct young buck. He should pass on both good milk and type. His littermates are very correct and productive. Mollie has gone on to a new home, but Marigold remains in the herd.

Springfield-Oaks SSEM Niagara
DOB: 03-14-21

Sire: *B Spinning Spider EH Easy Money 1-06 VG86
SS: *B Tempo Passa Etain
SD: SGCH Spinning Spider EL Heat Wave 5-04 92(EEEE) PTI: 204, 233

Dam: Springfield-Oaks JK Katya 14*M EX91
DS: CH Springfield-Oaks JTCN Jackson 1-05 88 (VEV) 2-06 92 (EEE)
DD: GCH Springfield-Oaks Cortez Dawn 13*M PTI 12, 72  4X BIS


Niagara is extremely dairy, long and tall. Twin to 2021 Spotlight Sale buckling, Norfolk. His first and very lovely daughter out of Faith was born in May and will not be freshened in 2023.

*B Sherry's Quest Kit
DOB: 01-18-20
Alpha S1 Casein tested B/F

Linear Appraisal:
1-03   84(+EV)

Sire: *B Sherry's Holt Vision Quest
SS: +*B SG Sherry's SUV Holt
SD: SG Sherry's Hagrid Vision 10*M 4-04 91 (VEEE)

Dam: SG Sherry's A KitKat 13*M 3-06 90 (VEEE)
Lifetime milk: 12,000#, 3.5% BF i.p. Elite
DS: +B SG Briarwind Shaman Arcturus
DD: SG Sherry's Hotspur Kitten 12*M 5-05 89 (VVEE)


A fancy, dairy boy, Kit is very correct with beautiful feet and legs. He is a strong addition to our Sable endeavor. So far his baby daughters are reflecting the strength of his pedigree.

R Goats Valente
DOB: 03/19/21

Sire: Talache's Ferdinand
SS: *B Klisse's KPOH Lehi
SD: Talache's Felca

Dam: The Tories P&S Chocolate  6-03  90(EEEV_
DS: *B Springfield-Oaks BB Preston
DSS: *B Springfield-Oaks D BuffaloBill 2-02 89(VEE)
DSD: GCH Springfield-Oaks RCP Delcine 14*M 4-03 91(EEEE)
DD: The Charleston's Seraphina
DDS: Pindell's PMR Charleston
DDD: Springfield-Oaks Shirley
DDDS: ++*B OHF Acorn 6-02  91(EEE)
DDDD: GCH Springfield-Oaks JB Chacota 3-06 90(EEVE)

Val brings in some of our own proven excellent genetics on the bottom side. He is a very correct buckling, long, level, good feet and legs. He should be a great addition to our Sable program.

Herdsire Archive

+*B Springfield Oaks B Comet
DOB: 03-13-12
PTI: -66, -20
Dau. Avg. FS 88
Alpha S1 Casein tested E/F
**DNA on file**

Linear Appraisal
0-03  V(VEcEc)
2-03   87(+EE)
3-05   88(VEE)
4-03   89(VEE)
5-03   91(VEE)
6-05   92(EEE)

Sire: *B Springfield Oaks Docs Braeburn 0-03 Ec (EcEcV)
SS: +*B Jug Tavern's Doc GoLightly EX91
SD: SGCH Springfield-Oaks OHA Manzana 11*M EX 92
3-06 93(EEEE); 5-03 92(EEEE); 3-01  373   4310   3.3% fat, 2.7% protein

Dam: SGCH Springfield-Oaks D Catwoman 13*M EX92
DS: *B Springfield-Oaks S Don Diego EX91
DD: SGCH Springfield-Oaks RCP Agatha 12*M EX92


Comet is a "finish" buck. He seems to maintain good structure and udders. He consistently improves feet, rear udder arch and teat placement.
Daughter LA average FS88!!

Dam: SGCH Springfield-Oaks
D Catwoman 13*M 4-02  92 (EEEE)

Pat. granddam: SGCH Springfield-Oaks OHA Manzana 11*M
3-06 93(EEEE); 5-03 92 (EEEE) 3-01  373   4310   3.3% Fat  2.7% Protein
Comet daughters, rear udders, from 5 different dams
LA Average RU Height=37, Arch=33, TP= -26, FS=88

GCH Hyacinth

GCH Holly



GCH Faith

CH Springfield-Oaks JTCN Jackson
DOB: 03/21/17
Casein tested F/F
**DNA on file**

Linear Appraisal
1-05  88 (VEV)
2-06   92 (EEE)


Sire: +*B GCH Jug-Tavern's Captain Nemo 3-04 91(VEE)
SS: Araby Farm CCA Captain Antilles 3-02 86(+VE)
SD: GCH Springfield-Oaks S Rosa 13*M 5-06 92(EEEE)

Dam: SGCH Springfield-Oaks CG Fortune 14*M 4-05  91 (EEEE)
DS: Cappy's Giuliano 3-02 90(VEE) Elite
DD: GCH Springfield-Oaks Cortez Dawn 13*M 5-06 91(EEEE)


Jackson's twin, Jubilee, was my highest scoring yearling milker in 2018. His daughters, Katya and Karen, are exceptional, with beautiful general appearance and flawless udders. Jackson earned his CH status in 2019, going 3X GCH and 2X BIS at our Memorial Day shows. As a 3-yr.-old, he is long, dairy with beautiful feet and legs. So elegant on the move, just a lovely buck. He began 2021 with another BIS win.

Jackson Daughters:
         Karin                                                 Katya            



*B Spinning Spider EH Easy Money
DOB: 03-27-18
Casein tested F/F
**DNA on file**

Linear Appraisal:
1-06   86 (+VE)

Sire: *B Tempo Passa Etain
SS: +B des-Ruhigestelle Trademark 4-03 91(EEE) PTI: 17, -36
SD: GCH Tempo Passa Etienne 10*M  4-05 92(EEEE) PTI: 40, 53
2-10   305   3880   3.4% fat, 3.0% protein
Ext.   371   4430   3.4% fat, 3.0% protein

Dam: SGCH Spinning Spider EL Heat Wave 4-05 91(EEEE) PTI: 202, 221 "Elite Doe"
2-11   326   5390   3.2% fat, 3.0% protein, Top Ten 2017
2021 National Show Total Performer
DS: +*B SG des-Ruhigestelle Elander PTI: 104 74 "Elite Buck"
DD: SGCH Spinning Spider AV Changes 3*M 6-02 92(EEEE) PTI: 93 200
2-00   305   2830   3.2% fat, 2.9% protein
Ext.   309   2840   3.2% fat, 2.9% protein


"Easy" is a potentially strong addition to the herd. His grandsire, Elander, is also Giuliano's great-grandsire and prepotent for milk production.  His daughters (Laura, Malinda) are very lovely, with strong general appearance and very correct, productive udders.

Easy Daughter:
Springfield-Oaks SSEM Laura 20*M
2-02   90(VEEE)
DOB: 03/07/19

1-00   319   2230   4.5% fat, 3.2% protein
2-00   158   1635   4.1% fat, 3.1% protein, i.p.
Lifetime:  477   3865   167 fat, 121 protein, i.p.


S: *B Spinning Spider EH Easy Money 1-05 86(+VE)
SS: Tempo Passa Etain  dau. avg. FS84
SD: SGCH Spinning Spider EL Heat Wave 4*M 92(EEEE)

D: GCH Springfield Oaks Comet Faith 19*M 91(EEEV) in extended lactation
DS: *B Springfield-Oaks B Comet 6-05 92(EEE)
DD: Springfield-Oaks RCP Beatrice 18*M 3-03 89(E+EE)


Laura is our first Easy daughter and is everything I'd hope for. Long, very dairy and productive, she has blossomed in her 2nd freshening, starting her show career in May 2021 with BIS wins in both Sr. Doe rings at the SADGA Caprine Classic in Tucson. Finishing her GCH, going twice GCH and BOB at Memorial Day shows, she was milked out for the 2nd day. Laura and her son by Jackson (Noah) have relocated to Todd Biddle's Royal Colors herd in Pennsylvania.

+B SG Cappy's Giuliano
DOB: 04-07-14
Alpha S1 Casein tested B/E
PTI: 81, 29
Elite Sire: Daughters avg. 3180   109   94   FS87
**DNA on file**

Linear Appraisal
1-04  88(VEV)
2-02   80(AV+)
3-02   90(VEE)

Sire: +B California Sensei Killimanjaro 2-03 85(VV+)
Killimanjaro's daughters in the Snowflake herd have been outstanding milkers
and have earned their SG designation, and another daughter was 2014 National Junior Grand Champion.

SS: *B Companeros Katsuo Sensei
SD: California Elander Kilim

Dam: Springfield-Oaks Beta Duchess
Duchess was my 2013 ADGA Spotlight Sale nomination, and according to owner,
Linda Leonhard, freshened with a beautiful udder

DS: *B Springfield-Oaks JD Beta Ray 3-02 86 +EE
DD: SGCH Springfield-Oaks RCP Gala 12*M 5-04  92(EEEE)


Giuliano brings in some new genetics with plenty of milk production. The milk production has definitely come through in his daughters (see Fresca, Fortune, Flamenco). He and his son, Hawkeye, have several lovely daughters.

Giuliano daughters, Fresca and Flemenco, have left the herd, but their genetics remain. Fresca's genetics live on in her daughters,  newly SG Jasmine and Kandi. She is the dam of my 2017 Spotlight Sale Sable buckling, Juniper.

SGCH Springfield Oaks CG Fortune 14*M
3-04   92 (EEEE); PTI 112, 100
Lifetime: 1152   10,797   4.6% fat, 3.1% protein, i.p.

SG Springfield Oaks CG Flamenco 14*M
03-04 91(EEEE); PTI: 36, 51
Lifetime: 1006   8004   3.4% fat, 2.9% protein

SG Springfield Oaks CG Fresca 16*M (yearling)
2-04   89 (VEVV)
2-00   305   3806  

Springfield-Oaks CG Karolina
1 milking leg
Photo courtesy of Cheryl Lloyd

Springfield-Oaks CG Kiara 1-06 88 (VEEE)
0-11   236   1974   3.3% fat, 3.1% protein, i.p.

Springfield-Oaks CG Jewel 2-06 89 (VEEE) FF
2-00   208   1692   3.3% fat, 3.0% protein, i.p.


CH Cortez - June 2016 - 4X BBIS
*B CH Springfield Oaks D Cortez
DOB: 03-05-12
PTI: -49, 3
Dau. Avg. FS 88
**DNA on file**

Linear Appraisal
0-03  Ec(EcEcEc)
1-02  84(+V+)
2-03   90(VEE)
3-05   92(EEE)
4-03   91(VEE)
5-03   92(EEE)

Sire: *B Springfield Oaks S Don Diego EX91
SS: +*B CH Springfield-Oaks 4BHB Saguaro EX-92
SD: SGCH Springfield-Oaks JB Muneca 12*M
8-02 92 (EEEE)

Dam: GCH Springfield-Oaks Doc's Kate  14*M 5-03 93(EEEE); 98-03 92(EEEE)
Lifetime DHIR: 1809   14510   3.1% fat, 3.0% protein
DS: +*B Jug Tavern's Doc GoLightly EX-91
DD: Springfield-Oaks S Chucheria 13*M EX-91


Cortez was a lovely buck, very angular and structurally correct. At the Albuquerque quad show in June 2016, Cortez came away with 4 BIS wins! His daughters are also very correct with solid appraisal scores and milk production.

Dam: GCH Springfield-Oaks Doc's Kate 14*M
5-03  93 (EEEE)

Sire: +*B Springfield Oaks S Don Diego EX 91

Cortez's paternal granddam & maternal great-granddam:
 SGCH Springfield-Oaks JB Muneca 12*M
8-02 92(EEEE)
Muneca, "Dolly" is the recent matriarch of the Springfield Oaks herd. Although she lost half her udder to gangrenous mastitis as a 2-year old, she had already finished her championship and had scored EX90 that year as well. Although not on milk test until she was a five-year old, she milked over 2500# out of the working udder half and scored 92 (EEEE) 5X at 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8! As an 8-year old, she was V in feet, E in all other structural categories. There is a solid reason why the herd is linebred on her. Our new buckling, Nemo, is also a grandson.
Cortez daughters - 3 dams





Giuliano and Nemo

+*B CH Jug Tavern's Captain Nemo
DOB: 04-19-15
Dau. Avg. FS 88
**DNA on file**

Linear Appraisal
0-04  V(VVV)
1-02   86(VVV)
2-02   88(VEE)
3-04   91(VEE)

Sire: +B Araby Farm CCA Captain Antilles 3-02 86 (+VE)
SS: *B Companeros Clinton Admiral 3-05 89(VVE)
SD: CH Araby Farm SKM Arabella 5-04 92(EEEE)

Dam: GCH Springfield-Oaks S Rosa 13*M 5-06 92(EEEE)
DS: +*B GCH Springfield-Oaks 4BHB Saguaro 6-05 92(EEEE)
DD: SGCH Springfield-Oaks JB Muneca 12*M 8-02 92(EEEE)


Rosa was purchased as a kid in 2008 by Paula Reisdorff, and I welcomed the opportunity to bring her last son into the breeding program with some outcross genetics on the top. He earned a CH leg at the Albuquerque show in 2016 by going RCH to Cortez, and finished his championship with two GCH and BBIS wins in Albuquerque in June, 2017. He has another BIS win in 2018. He has left the herd, but his son, Jackson, will perpetuate his genetic influence.


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