Thank you for your interest in Springfield Oaks Saanens.  I have been breeding Saanens for more than 35 years and am proud of what Iíve produced.  I feel that my animals get better every year.  They have also done well for their owners in other herds, being good milkers and show-quality producers. Iím pleased to have them in homes where they are appreciated. 

The combination of DHIR milk records and annual linear appraisal scores demonstrate that the productivity of a Springfield Oaks Saanen goes along with beautiful general appearance.

Your $100.00 deposit will reserve a kid.  The deposit will be returned if your kid is not born, or is not of the quality I expect, and you do not wish to select a substitute.  Payment in full is due within 10 days of the kidís birth, and kids will be shipped at 3 weeks of age unless other arrangements have been made.  The prices listed here are for pre-ordered kids.  I reserve the right to retain any kid.  Shipping is out of Tucson on American or Delta. Shipping after May 1st is not recommended..

Thanks so much for visiting my website. I hope you enjoy yourself and if you have any questions, please feel free to call or email me.

Springfield Oaks Saanens
Elizabeth Henning
6670 S. Bascom Trail
Willcox, AZ  85643
602-819-7231 (cell)

One of our beautiful southeastern Arizona days

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