Kidding Schedule

Following are our 2022-23 Kidding plans:
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Doe Service Sire Bred Date/**confirmed Due Date/Kidded Price* & Availability
Mature Does
Katya *B Springfield Oaks Comet Milton  F, F 10/10 3/10 $800 
1st doe & 1st buck reserved
Louise E, F R Goats Valente 10/18 3/18 NA
Lyra+ *B Springfield-Oaks SSEM Niagara 10/22 3/22 $750
1st doe reserved
Melba *B Springfield-Oaks SSEM Niagara 10/10 3/10 1st doe reserved
Marigold *B Sherry's Quest Kit# 10/28 3/28 Experimental*
Nubia (C) R Goats Valente 10/21 3/21 Does reserved
Persimmon R Goats Valente 10/21 3/21 Experimental*
Perfecta R Goats Valente 10/21 3/21 Experimental*
Philomena *B Sherry's Quest Kit# 10/25 3/25 Does only $500
Patience *BSpringfield-Oaks SSEM Linus 10/25 3/25 Does only $500
Phoebe *B Sherry's Quest Kit# 11/6 4/5 NA
Penelope *B Sherry's Quest Kit# 11/15 4/14 Does only $500
Pandora R Goats Valente     Experimental*

 I reserve the right to retain any kid.
*Contact if interested in an Experimental
# Carries Casein B allele
+Carries Color gene
^Does only

For more information on any of our does or to reserve a kid for 2023, please contact:
Springfield-Oaks Saanens/Sables
Elizabeth Henning & Jonathan Erickson
6670 S. Bascom Trail
Willcox, AZ  85643
602-819-7231 (cell)

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